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Teaching Our Kids About Who God Is

One of the scariest things, as a Christian father, is imagining my son growing up not knowing who God is. I try, through my life, and through leading my family in devotions (although not as often as I would like), to raise a son who knows God. But theology, that is “the study of the nature of God,” is a difficult subject even for most adults! Let alone trying to teach that in some manner that our kids can grasp.

This is of the utmost importance! Our kids spend all day being taught lots of crazy things that turn them from God. My son put his hand in a beam of sunlight one morning and said “I feel awake now! My bus driver said we get energy from the sun.” Really? These crazy ideas are coming from every direction, bombarding our kids with worldly, ungodly deceptions.

So what do we do?

You must get this book, Big Truths for Young Hearts, by Bruce A. Ware, a theology professor at a Baptist university.

This book is awesome. It’s only a couple of pages per chapter, each focusing on a different aspect of who God is, starting with the basics of how God reveals Himself to us, and the importance of His word.

Get this book, and go through it with your child. Help build them up in the Lord, give them a strong foundation, because if we don’t, the world will, and that path leads to destruction.

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