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Talking about my book, ON THE RADIO!

Lynda (GalaxyFest), Lena, and I, on the radio!

It’s funny how sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expect. Tonight I was supposed to attend an after-work meeting to help give input for GalaxyFest, a Colorado Springs science-fiction, fantasy, horror, zombie, and pretty much everything else convention. However, when I got home, 5 minutes before the meeting started, I almost didn’t go. I was already late, wouldn’t have time to change, and was just tired from a long day at work.

But, I went anyway, despite beingĀ half an hour late. The meeting was good, and then it suddenly turned awesome. A comment at the end of the meeting got me thinking about how we could have some type of Author panel event, possibly as a part of NaNoWriMo this year. Brainstorming happened, and we started forming a plan, and picked a date. The event still have to be planned out and coordinated in further detail, but things are on the move and I got put in charge of a lot of the coordination.

Then it went from awesome, to epic, as I was asked to fill in for a last minute cancellation GalaxyFest’s Monday night radio show on Tailgate 98.5. EPIC!

I stopped by and picked up my writing buddy, Lena, and we got to go on air to talk about our works, about writing in general, and all kinds of stuff. It was great!

Mike (our awesome radio host), Brian, Lena, and I, on the air!

So yeah, my advice is to put yourself out there, take the opportunity to connect with others in your community, and you never know what awesome things will happen.

If you will be in the Colorado Springs area on November 21st, keep your ears out for a NaNoWriMo/GalaxyFest event. It will be up in our calendar on NaNoWriMo, and probably on the GalaxyFest website.

If you will be in Colorado Springs next February 19-21, make sure you come to GalaxyFest! It has been a great convention every year, and I am hoping to have a table shared with some friends where you can buy my books. We shall see.

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you check out my latest book, Guardian.

Guardian - July 2015
Guardian – Jul 2015
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