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Spring is definitely here!

We have really been enjoying the weather this week, and the aspen are starting to bloom! Saturday I spent the whole morning writing out on the back porch. To be able to have such an amazing place to live is just, amazing… I guess I’m kind of left speechless by the whole thing.

At work this week is going to be a rough one. I need to get a lot of hours in but I’m starting Monday off with appointments. Later this week we have a working group with a bunch of my peers around the city, in which I get to find out what this role exactly is that I volunteered for last time. I think I’m basically going to be taking minutes. Fun, I guess, but nobody else was volunteering. 😀

Well, I think we’re about ready for our new dog. Let me apologize in advance for all of the pictures you will be seeing of her, especially those who follow me on Instagram. We spent the weekend getting everything in the house ready for the new dog. We got a long chain and a stake for the back yard since we don’t have a fenced in area, and got the cage ready. We also got some boxes unpacked! We’ve been in here for almost 6 months, and still we have boxes sitting in the corner of some rooms.

We almost went to see the Case for Christ and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but just didn’t have the time. I still want to see both movies, but I doubt I’ll get to Case for Christ before it comes out on DVD.

Oh, one last new thing, I got my spotter ID for the National Weather Service. Now I can officially make storm reports for our area. Although a HAM radio & license isn’t required to do this, it has been a great way to get use out of my gear and the daily weather net has been informative. There is a chance that sometime this week I won’t be able to get to my house from work due to the risk of flash flooding in the pass. But I’ll play it by ear and hope they get things cleaned up quickly.

To those that made it this far in this message, thank you. Your patience must be truly superhuman.

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