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Secret Mission: Surprise Mom

 Remember when I said I wrote a tribute for my mom? Well, I had to give it to her somehow, right? So last Friday I took the day off work and made a surprise trip all the way to Nebraska/Iowa to visit. She had no idea I was even coming until I showed up in the hospital where she worked. It was a great time with family again. I can’t wait until we get to hang out again.

We also got a dog last weekend, which anybody that watches my social media will no doubt know by now. I did apologize ahead of time for the flood of dog pictures that would be coming, did I not? She is a Norwegian Elkhound and we named her Mishka, which means Little Bear in Russian. Her face does kind of remind me of a bear, and her fur feels like a teddy bear, so it fits. 🙂

Another really cool thing is the guy we got the dog from knew my dad when he was a kid. Crazy connections! 

Last weekend I was out of town, driving way too much, and this weekend I was sick and still had to do too much (I hate going to grocery stores). I’m totally beat and need a good chunk of time off. I’m praying that this weekend is a relaxing and healthy one.

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