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Pokémon Go is going to get me in trouble….


Of course I jumped on the Pokémon Go craze, which, if you haven’t heard, is an augmented reality game on your phone where you have to physically walk around different areas to capture Pokémon to compete in battles with.

2016-07-08 17.45.40Among other things, it’s a fun way to encourage people to get out and exercise. Also, I found that it helps with other tasks such as going to the grocery store.

Well, then I had an embarrassing incident. I left the game on while I was in the parking lot, and I heard the notification that a Pokémon was in the area, so I quickly pulled into a parking spot, pulled up the phone, and started looking around for the Pokémon.

I found it! Just to my left outside the car window. It was a really cool looking one too, so I grabbed a quick screen shot of it before capturing it.

2016-07-08 18.33.07-1

Then, after successfully capturing the Pokémon I put my phone back, and before pulling out of the spot I noticed the car next to me wasn’t empty. Two older people were in the car staring at me, probably wondering why I was taking pictures of them. Oops 😳

So I leave you with this word of wisdom, be careful who you are pointing your phone at when you are capturing Pokémon. Or at least scream loudly that you have to capture them all so the person moves in a freaked out panic, leaving you to capture your Abra in peace.

Or have the cops called about some lunatic wondering around videotaping people they are screaming at. Either way, it gets you out of the house!

2016-07-08 19.35.16

(Rattata captured while on a Pokémon hunting walk.)


How are you enjoying Pokémon Go?

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  1. Kate Kate

    Hi there! This isn’t actually a Pokemon-related post. It’s a Dresden-Files-Cooperative-Game-related post. See, I read on a site that you were willing to add copies to your KS pledge. It referred me here, but I couldn’t find a “contact” link.

    So…let’s chat. 🙂 Also THANK YOU!!!

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