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Need a nickname, and it’s story…

This week I spent a lot of time working on this secret project. Don’t worry, you’ll find out about it soon. I did about 4 complete rewrites before getting it to where it has a solid foundation. Now I just need to work on the editing to polish everything up.

My commitment to Patreon is that I’m going to give you at least 3 stories a year. This is tough to do while planning a novel at the same time. I don’t do well working on multiple projects at once, but I want a third story to send out. These short stories have been teaching me a lot about writing interesting stories, so maybe I need to make this third one focus on writing a good story while multi-tasking on another project?

And to that end I found out about an anthology that’s accepting submissions that looks interesting. First, the anthology is being edited by the person that convinced me to write Rite of Passage, which kick started my venture into publishing short stories. Second, the theme actually works with one of the characters in the novel I’m planning, so this could be a great way to work on two stories at once without completely distracting from my novel.

But I need your help.

The story has to be about someone receiving a nickname and how they got it. The funnier the better.

My main character in my novel is a bounty hunter or mercenary that uses humor as a mask to hide what he’s really feeling. So all I need to make novel’s character work in this story is a nickname, and how he got it. The story takes place in a science fiction, futuristic, highly technological world.

Any ideas?

If so, please go to Patreon and leave them in the comments section. Or FB or Twitter or pretty much anywhere you know I’m looking works too.

Also, in case you haven’t heard, Kills Like River WILL be appearing in the Ghost Hunting Critters anthology! I GOT ACCEPTED! 😀

It looks like that is slated for publication this fall.

Originally posted on Patreon, Spring is definitely here!

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