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Mother’s Day Tribute

Wow, these last two weeks have been crazy. During the last author update I said I was working on a secret project. For those that are curious the project was putting the finishing touches on a tribute to my mom for Mother’s Day. Sorry, I’m not sharing it on here, that’s for my mom only. 🙂

I got Kills Like River back from the editor last week and am working my way through that right now. I hope to be finished by the middle of the week. It’s crazy how you miss how often you used a certain word until someone highlights every use of that word in 1 or 2 paragraphs.

Here is the official link to the Ghost Hunting Critters anthology announcement It sounds like it will be another fun anthology.

Beyond that I’m trying to work on planning my novel. I had to come up with a method for using warp drive within my new universe, which led to a few hours of researching scientific theories on wikipedia. Ah, the things I get to do for my stories.

I still need some ideas for that Tales from the Fluffy Bunny anthology, if anybody has any for me. Just as a reminder, it has to be a story about how a character got his nickname, or how he got the nickname for his or her weapon.

And a final update, as you probably saw in my previous Patreon post, I am getting a new logo! These will be on my website and business cards soon.

Originally posted on Patreon: Never Enough Energy.

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