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Kills Like River

As the world is coming to an end there is only one hope for survival, and that way is blocked by a hoard of demons. Can River, a mighty Velociraptor, deliver her hatchling to salvation safely, or will she have to revert to the ways of her past, which had cost her more than she was willing to give?

Kills Like River is featured in the Ghost Hunting Critters anthology, a collection of short stories about animals that fight the supernatural, told from their perspective. 

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Domesticated Velociraptors

Domesticated Velociraptors is all about imagining the chaos that would ensue if Velociraptors were domesticated, explored through 14 different short stories.

My story in this anthology is Velociraptors of Camelot, and follows Merlin as he tries to stop the Velociraptors from taking over the kingdom.

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Adventures in Zookeeping

Zookeepers have it rough and are often overlooked when they face all kinds of vicious wild dangers. This anthology explores the lives of some of those stories, including my own story in here titled Eternity's Ark, which is about a zookeeper on a space ship zoo that has to take care of some incredibly dangerous creatures. Things get even more crazy when aliens try to steal one of the most scary of the animals.

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Midnight Writers Anthology 2015

This is a small collection of 3 short stories around the theme of weird westerns. My story in this anthology is Guardian, which is a sequel to Rite of Passage.

The guardian of his Indian Tribe must do his best to protect them when he suddenly becomes the hunted.

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Short Story Singles

Rite of Passage

Before he can be seen as an adult in his clan, Eindride must steal from a dragon to help his village.

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This is the exact same story found in the Midnight Writers' Anthology 2015, just in a single ebook. 

When the guardian of a Native American tribe tries to keep an eye on a new threat to his tribe, he becomes the hunted. To protect his tribe he will have to call on an ancient power. 

This story is a sequel to Rite of Passage.

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  1. Wendy Zenor Wendy Zenor

    Love your books!! Love the new website!! So
    Proud of you!! ❤️ Mom

    • Jon Jon

      Thanks, mom! Love you too, and thanks for all your support! I couldn’t do this without you. 🙂

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