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Guardian, available on Kindle

Rite of Passage - Feb 2015
Guardian – Jun 2015

After many long hours of work, from myself, my beta readers, and my editor, I am proud to announce that Guardian, my latest short story, is available for download! Check it out on Amazon, and make sure you leave a review on Goodreads if you like it. 😀

Here is the description:

Cheveyo is the guardian of his Native American tribe, a position that comes with magical power so he can protect them from almost any threat. But will Cheveyo be able to survive when someone comes seeking the power of the guardian? A fun short story with action, adventure, and a bit of steampunk.

You can currently read this for free if you are a member of Amazon Prime, or Kindle Unlimited. The paperback will be coming out in a few weeks, either as part of an anthology, or as a stand alone story.

Check out the book and let me know what you think!

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