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Getting a Viking Dog

Every week I’m going to share a bit of my personal life. Just mentioning what’s going on outside of what I’m reading and writing. (I’m not arithmeticing)

Not too much is going on here right now. We are hoping to get a dog soon, which will be awesome. However the money I had saved up for this purpose ended up getting blown because I wasn’t watching my budget very close last month. I hate it when I do that! Now I have only a few weeks to come up with the funds I need if we want to get the breed we’re looking at, a Norwegian Elkhound. We found a breeder that we want to go with that is relatively inexpensive. We could just get a random dog from the pound, but this time we really wanted a particular breed. Something that had a high chance of working well with our family and where we live.

Beyond that, I’m trying to have some down time with the family in the evening. We have been playing games but we have talked about doing a family book together. I’m thinking The Pilgrims Progress. Yeah, an older book, but a good one. Great for teaching lessons.

We did get to go sledding this weekend with all the snow we got up at our new house. I know, it’s crazy that we got snow when summer is just barely a month away. And we also finished our basketball hoop project over the past few weeks. Getting out there to shoot some hoops can be a good stress reliever, and a fun way to spend time with the family. And I learned something new in all of this. My wife can shoot some hoops! Or at least she makes the basket more often than I do.

Well, that’s all that I have for this week. See you next week!

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