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Daily Writing

Finding time to write has been tough! It’s hard to balance finding time to write, working a full time job, and spending time with family, without coming off like a jerk who is ignoring everyone who matters to him. Time is just so limited.

Quitting my job, while having a certain appeal, isn’t practical. I would need over 100,000 people each year to buy each of my short stories, and that just isn’t happening right now. Or probably ever.

So instead I have been trying to wake up early to write. However, that has its own limitations. By the time I shower and eat and get ready for the day (which I have to do before I write otherwise I feel guilty for not getting ready for work first), then my son is waking up to get ready for school, or my wife gets up early. Once others are up, my ability to write drops.

So, over the past several days, I decided to try something new. I leave the house extremely early, and stop off a place with great scenery to write. No other people around (except the occasional jogger), no temptations to spend money, no internet to distract myself with (even cell phone reception is slow).

So far it has worked! This lets me write for an hour or so in the morning, get to work even earlier than I was before! Then in the evening I can do some editing or planning, work that doesn’t require so much uninterrupted focus.

I have been sharing my daily progress over on my Patreon page. If you are interested in the behind the scenes stuff, follow me there.

Now to see if I can finish a novel! 😀

Where do you like to go to write, or read?

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