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Currently Reading: Thrawn

Thrawn, by Timothy Zahn (Audio)
Progress: 91.6%
Fantastic book, of course! I love Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars books. His writing is fantastic and this character in particular is interesting. Great book about how Thrawn (from the Heir to the Empire series) came to the Empire and how he, being a non human especially, earned the rank of Grand Admiral. It’s a fascinating view of the Empire from the inside with lots of hints about some large secret project the Empire is working on. 5 stars.

The Rogue Retrieval, by Dan Koboldt (ebook)
Progress: 63%
Still working on this book. It’s still an interesting world and the characters are definitely interesting enough to keep me reading. There are a few things I’m noticing about the writing that IĀ could see myself doing in my writing that I’ll have to keep an eye out for, so it’s helpful in that regard. I’m still undecided about what rating I’ll give it. It’s definitely at least 3 stars because it’s interesting enough for me to keep reading, but a few things keep showing up that bug me a bit and it definitely hasn’t been a book that I just can’t put down. I think a lot of it will come to how well the ending is written.

Besides reading these two books I have been doing a lot of playing Overwatch on xbox.

That’s all for this week.

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