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A Relaxing Weekend

Last weekend was amazing. I did have to leave the house for a little bit, but most of that time was spent at a book store, so it wasn’t all that bad. Beyond that I actually got a lot of stuff done for The Midnight Writers, and had plenty of time left over for reading.

Reading, while sitting on the back porch. In the forest. Listening to the wind and birds. It was some much needed rest time after the last few weeks, and the fact that I got most of my to do list done makes it that much more relaxing, because I didn’t have the stress of knowing I was leaving things undone sitting over my head.

We ordered an invisible fence for Mishka, our Norwegian Elkhound, so I get to look forward to putting that together this week. I’m not sure how that project will work, but we’re looking forward to letting the dog run around the yard more instead of wrapping her chain around trees and rocks and every thing else that she is trying to explore.

IĀ got all of the contracts sent out for the Last Shot Fired anthology, which means, as soon as those are returned, we can start on editing and putting the story together! This is the long tough part, but the attention to detail here really helps make the anthology a professional project.

We have had a lot of complements about the quality of our last anthology, so we hope to move forward and make that even better this year.

Well, that’s it for this week. I’ll see you next week!

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